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Tobacco Use and Oral Health Status: A Cross-sectional Study among Commercial Motorcycle Riders in a Suburban Community in Nigeria

Samuel Tobi Tundealao, Deborah Tolulope Odeyemi, Titilayomi Victoria Faulkner, Blessing Oluwabusayo Ikubaje, Tolulope Jesutofunmi Titiloye, Mary Ebelechukwu Osuh

Keywords : Dental, Motorcycle, Oral health, Riding, Smoking, Tobacco

Citation Information : Tundealao ST, Odeyemi DT, Faulkner TV, Ikubaje BO, Titiloye TJ, Osuh ME. Tobacco Use and Oral Health Status: A Cross-sectional Study among Commercial Motorcycle Riders in a Suburban Community in Nigeria. J Oral Health Comm Dent 2023; 17 (3):97-101.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10062-0172

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 31-01-2024

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2023; The Author(s).


Background: This study profiled the tobacco use habits among a vulnerable population, commercial motorcycle riders in Nigeria and assessed the association with their oral health status as a piece of vital information to facilitate the planning of a context-appropriate cessation program for this population. Materials and methods: The study design was cross-sectional analytical. Multistage sampling technique was used to select 255 participants. Oral status was assessed with the simplified oral hygiene index (OHI-S), community periodontal index and treatment needs (CPITN), and gingival index. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize the participants’ demographic, riding, and tobacco use behavior. Chi-square test was used to compare oral health status between the current and non-smokers. Multivariable binomial logistic regression was used to assess the oral health status associated with smoking while adjusting for demographic factors. Analysis of data was done using STATA version 17.0/SE. Statistics were done at p < 0.05 significance level. Results: About 24.7% of the commercial motorcyclists were current smokers. After controlling for age and level of education, commercial motorcyclists who are current smokers are more likely to have worse CPITN scores (aOR = 3.45, p < 0.001), have mild gingivitis (aOR = 3.07, p < 0.01), have poor oral hygiene (aOR = 2.29, p < 0.01), and have extrinsic teeth discoloration (aOR = 6.12, p < 0.001) compared with non-current smokers. Conclusion: Motorcycle riders who currently smoke have worse oral health than those who do not smoke. As a result, smoking cessation interventions should target this population in order to improve their oral health.

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